A Sex Therapist’s Guide to Passionate Sex

A Sex Therapist’s Guide to Passionate Sex

Want passionate licni oglasi ona trazi?  The first step is to figure out what you mean when you think about licni oglasi ona trazi that is passionate.  You could think that licni oglasi ona trazi is passionate when your partner:

Acts like they want you right now Is more aggressive than usual Goes slower than usual Takes the time to explore Gets right into it Is tender Is rough

As you might guess, passionate licni oglasi ona trazi means different things to different people!  Some couples are lucky; they read each other easily and can usually figure out what kind of passionate licni oglasi ona trazi their partner wants.

Other couples are a little less tuned in when it comes to licni oglasi ona trazi.  Maybe one partner is a little shy, or bumbles around without much thought.  Or partners might have very different ideas when it comes to passion.  And it doesn’t much depend on gender:  Some men find gentle kisses and touch passionate, while some women don’t care for that approach at all.

It’s perfectly fine to have a frank talk about what kind of licni oglasi ona trazi you find full of passion.  Perhaps your idea is to have a meaningful conversation over a glass of wine before making Upoznavanje devojaka; perhaps it is for both of you to take showers and come to bed squeaky clean for each other.  Could it be that you like to tease each other?  Or just be blunt and tell your partner you want to have a go?

Masters and Johnson, the first people to treat licni oglasi ona traziual problems, famously said, “Sex is more than body parts and friction.”  As a licni oglasi ona trazi therapist, I think that passionate licni oglasi ona trazi . . .

Makes your senses feel fully aware and alive Eases your troubles and brings you a moment of contentment Makes you feel more connected Drains away doubts about Upoznavanje devojaka Soothes and replenishes your body And last but not least, feels fantastic!

Passionate licni oglasi ona trazi isn’t just what you see on TV, in a film, or on the Internet.  Passionate licni oglasi ona trazi is whatever it is you enjoy with your partner.  If the earth moves when you have licni oglasi ona trazi, great!  If the covers barely move when you have licni oglasi ona trazi, great!  As long as you’re experiencing all the feelings that licni oglasi ona trazi evokes, it’s all good.

Dr. Stephanie Buehler is a psychologist and licni oglasi ona trazi therapist. You can download her free ebook, Sexual Discoveries: 25 Secrets for Incredible Passion at http://www.thebuehlerinstitute.com. Check out her new e-book, available for immediate download, Sex & Passion: The Essential Guide, Now and Forever at http://www.thebuehlerinstitute.com/sexandpassion.htm.

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