Ne masti, br Fems: Gay Muške Ideal

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  1. redmann says:

    The rainbow does it for me man.

  2. JKönig says:

    me too. :-)

  3. stevewilliamsphotos says:

    Jennifer- I agree that the rainbow is that little glimmer of hope. We always have that, regardless of how bad things may get. Believe in yourself ! I’ve always known you to enjoy life, based on this stream and what I see in your photos and notes, so you can’t let ANYTHING take that away! March out there and grab the world by the balls…you own it!
    It will get better…my thoughts and energy are with you.

  4. ~btezra~ says:

    random acts of beauty, kindness and fabulousness erupt outta nowhere
    that rainbow is one of those acts

    harness the hope…

    anyways.. I believe "holy fucking fuck" should be a tag

  5. Bobby Alcott says:

    It’s amazing how we tend to take things from our past and secretly stick them in our path to the future, like furniture in the hallway.

    A good thing to remember, maybe: this moment, this very moment, is completely disconnected from anything from the past. Nothing is standing in your way of the life you want for yourself, and everything you want in it. This moment, and the future, are completely empty canvasses.

    Paint away, babe.

  6. chicagokristi says:

    Sometimes that glimmer of hope, however small, is just enough to get us through the hard times. Here’s to grabbing those little rainbows within our reach- we all deserve hope and happiness in our lives!

  7. P Doodle says:

    I admire your standard of honesty. It is good to get things out as honestly as possible in a safe place. That’s the major beauty and benefit I found in 12 step meetings.

    If you don’t say it straight, it takes longer to go away, and might even mutate into something nasty.

    So, be strong and move along. You’ve got Florian by your side, so it can’t totally bad.

    Also, I love the way you write and suspect that it is a great help to you in reaching for you standard here on flickr.

    I also like the way you pictures are becoming so expressive of the moment.

  8. immortallyyours says:

    A friend once told me that he didn’t believe in fate because he said that he believed we all have the ability to make all our choices in life. Things aren’t meant to be or don’t happen for a reason; we make them happen; we make them be. Perhaps many might not agree with that–but I’ve never forgotten it (and he told me when I was a teenager) and it’s made huge differences in my life. When things get bad and I feel dread about my life or the future–I always remember that I’m the one that calls the shots. I control my future. And it always gets better.

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  9. DottieboBottie says:


    You inspire me. And you get bonus love because The Rainbow Connection is in my head.

    Love you.

  10. Desolate Places says:

    Yes that little lens flair is hope, and all of your anxiety and fears are that big iron fucking weight.

    Take the weight and deep six the fucker. I know its a cliche but don’t sweat the small stuffits all small stuff!

    And that reminds me, watch the movie Pontiac Moon.

  11. Desolate Places says:

    And that reminds me…I need to watch that and get a refresher myself.

  12. IHP says:

    That’s a courageous shot and a courageous description. I admire the way you connect both and the way you deal with your clogged pipes.

  13. miss_kcc says:

    lists are good…. I could make a list of what i like about this shot:
    the rust
    the texture
    the muted colors of the "thing"
    the letters
    the honesty of your message
    and of course the rainbow
    and a whole lot more….
    Hope you can shake that funk, because life is such a great place to be, even though it doesn’t always seem like it…
    Hearty hug from Portugal :D

  14. mosaiq says:

    it is perfect! the rainbow!

    i somehow feel a bit like you at the moment, so this picture far more appealing to me then it usually would.

    hope the shimmer gets bigger with the time ;-)

    feel hugged!!!!

  15. Bernat_83 says:

    hooray for that little rainbow!

  16. annabellafranc says:

    Yes hugs coming from across the water too….

  17. valdab says:

    Wow – so eloquently put; you have a wonderful way with words. I can relate to much of what you say at the moment…but this too, will pass.

  18. Aníbal Pées Labory says:

    Así como la tormenta nos encuentra sorpresivamente, puede que un minuto después cese y salga el sol.

  19. PHOTO.WORKS says:

    Keep the shimmer alive jen!

  20. Puur says:


  21. Hoot Owl says:

    Oh yes. I know the fear thing well, and it feels like the weight of the goddamn world. I love Duff’s comment – Take the weight and deep six the fucker., but I also know sometimes that’s really hard. I think as long as you keep noticing the beauty, the light, the color around you, as you do SO damn well, you’re gonna be just fine. You even saw the beauty in the weight/fear, and that ain’t easy.

  22. ewanr says:

    Only you could turn lens flare into something so beautiful :)

  23. regularjoe says:

    I don’t have many words, but, as you’re well aware, I’ve walked a similar plank (and still do to a degree, always will)…

    All I can say. All I know. Is to just…


    Fantasitc photograph…

  24. Eric Hauser says:

    oh jen, i’m so sorry to hear about all this … fuck! … all i can say is hang in, drink some wine, and know that things will turn out ok.

    ch-ch-ch changes …………

  25. jbc16 says:

    "i am fabulous…"

    I concur. Take the time to breathe and remember that fact.

  26. Photomotion says:

    Jennifer, you are fabulous, do not be afraid, you are strong as is this photo, and I like the little rainbow too

  27. davidteter says:

    hey you, come here.


    slaps your ass right back for slapping mine yesterday. :)

  28. JKönig says:

    thank you guys so much for leaving such sweet and thoughtful comments. i’m realizing that my reaction really has nothing to do with the situation — it’s just how my brain is wired to deal with change (it no likey).

    yesterday i decided to fake it, and pretend to act like someone who had their shit together. and it worked! heh.

    @Urban Tiki: this line of yours is so FUCKING brilliant:

    It’s amazing how we tend to take things from our past and secretly stick them in our path to the future, like furniture in the hallway.

    @davidteter: well you were riding your motorcycle with no hands, cos they were holding a tripod and a camera! of course i’m gonna smack you! *smacks david again*

  29. M e l o d y says:

    I love everything about this. There is meaning in everything. Take strength from your ability to see and capture and feel.

  30. cattycamehome says:

    Yeahhh for your rainbow!!!!!!!!!

  31. davidteter says:


    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  32. jreedphotography says:

    Jen, I know I don’t know you well; okay, at all but I have dealt with crazy mind shit, as well. Not to say it’s been anything like what are dealing with but more depression and anxiety at times. It was a hard road and I wish you the best. Take care and super shot!!! Nicely done. Cheers, Jenn~

  33. J. Star says:

    I often pretend I am someone with her shit together. :) It’s nice when it works.

    Hope you’re feeling better by now.

  34. daryldarko says:

    thank you so much for taking the time to share this testimony… i really needed to hear this right now. beautiful you are!

  35. tamelyn says:

    yeah. what j. star said.

    I only wish i were half as eloquent as you.

  36. cudau.botcanh says:

    Nice pic!!!!!!!!!

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